Managing the woods for the future

When you think of Symondsbury Estate, you may instantly think of the pines perched on top of the iconic Colmers Hill, however the Estate has many less known trees in some less known but equally beautiful areas. Our woodlands on the Estate are not only a key feature within the landscape but also a unique habit for wildlife and a source of timber and firewood. Whether it’s the bluebell covered broadleaf woodland of oak, ash and beech or a hazel coppice or softwood plantations we are truly lucky to be custodians of these unique and beautiful woodland habitats. 

The same as the wider countryside, woodlands need management to ensure they are healthy, productive and thriving for generations to come. Our woodland manager Roly Boughton has been hard at work over the last few months renewing a 10 year woodland management plan alongside producing high quality seasoned firewood for the coming winter. Once the plan has been approved by the Forest Commission, each piece of woodland will have been accessed and will have clear objectives to work towards for long term sustainability. 

Roly explains “The woods are currently managed as a continuous cover system which is a sustainable forestry system which creates woodland diversity and also benefits wildlife. We aim to continue and build on this as it fits perfectly with Symondsbury Estates ethos.”

So by managing our woodlands carefully and ethically, we can benefit the environment and supply the Estate and the local community with sustainable high quality firewood, coppice products and timber.

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