Symondsbury Estate is 1500 acres, made up of a mixture of arable farmland, woodland and grassland. There are holiday cottages, residential buildings and businesses.

The Colfox family have lived on The Estate for over 100 years.

An Estate full of English history...

The Estate has been a part of the Colfox family since 1620, when land was bought by Colfox School, by William Colfox.

150 years ago the last of the land around Salway Ash and Bradpole was bought, and the last pieces of Crepe Farmhouse in 1923. Shutes Farm House, on Shutes Ln is the oldest house in the village being built in the 1400's.

Symondsbury has completed many renovations to preserve and protect the architecture on the estate.

Manor Yard was once used for cart horses who were brought down from grazing areas on Colmers Hill.

Barns in Manor Yard had multiple uses. Symondsbury Kitchen was once used to milk cows and store the milk churns.

Tithe Barn was built around 1440. It was originally an abbey barn used for storing parishes produce, until it became a tithe barn. During WWII, it was used for the home guard as a rifle range and armoury. We still have a Willys Jeep on site that was abandoned by the military!

Free parking at Manor Yard

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