Animal Viewing Area

Symondsbury Estate Pigs

Feel free to visit our farm animals in their paddocks above the car park. They are all friendly but please take care and be gentle.

Do not feed any of our animals. Keep dogs on leads and always keep control of dogs around animals. 


Gretel and Florence our resident donkeys joined us in September 2019 and have since loved getting their ears scratched, running around their paddock and eating carrots. They are pair bonded, meaning they graze very closely and stand guard over each other.


We have two rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black sows, Blueberry & Snuffle, who have lived together since they were 8 weeks old. They have recently given birth to a set of piglets each who you can see running around their paddock enjoying company from visitors.


Our little pygmy goats Freya and Frankie love jumping around their paddock and hopping up high on their boulder watching the world pass by. They have 3 babies who are very excitable!


We have two groups of chickens. One group of hens providing eggs for our cafe, and the other group being a mix of Silkies and Frizzles next to our picnic and play area. The Silkies and Frizzles are made up of a silkie hen, frizzle hen, and a frizzle cockerel. They have a large group of chicks who enjoy jumping on branches and sitting on their swing.


We have a flock of Poll Dorset, Dorset Horns and mixed breed ewes, lambs and rams. The Poll Dorset is a popular breed of sheep known for its meat and ability to lamb all round. Dorset Horn are native to the estate – a long time ago, Symondsbury Estate owned a large flock of Dorset Horn that roamed the same fields that our sheep do today. Many of our sheep are very friendly and even have names. You may know Minty the lamb who has been with us since 2018 and is full of character.


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