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More than a shopping trip

As Lettings Manager at The Estate I am beginning to become involved in the new developments that include accommodation. The one exciting thing about new developments is that this means you need to go ‘shopping’. Peter, Julia and I always have various hats on wherever we go; Crepe Farm Barns, Allington and we are always upgrading our current range of Holiday Cottages. This makes it exciting and also difficult at times – not to mention exhausting!

Travelling comes hand in hand with our shopping trips; our first journey was all the way to Amsterdam, second to London and our third to Accrington Stanley. During these trips we get to visit the most amazing showrooms with furniture we could buy ten times over. However like most shopping trips you go with a list and this helps us resist buying the entire showroom and bringing it home with us!

The famous blizzard of ’18

Our first trip to Amsterdam was in March and I’m not sure if you all remember the snow that arrived? As we were sat on the runway waiting to take off the snow started to fall, two hours later and several de-icing stops along the runway we were finally in the air. Not being a frequent flyer it is safe to say it is not my favourite thing to do and after a fairly bumpy journey we landed in Amsterdam, which was freezing cold! Feeling exhausted from the early start we met our hosts for the day and became excited for what we were about to view.

We spent the rest of the day and the morning after viewing and buying the items we needed and loved most to bring back to Symondsbury with us. Hearing about the snow and seeing photos online we were nervous to see if our flight was going ahead. The dreaded notification comes through – CANCELLED. The thought of being stranded in Amsterdam airport started to dawn upon us, after about 30 minutes of scrambling around on the Internet trying to find a flight home for the three of us our hosts found one with BA (a luxury compared to our flight out with Flybe!). We finally relaxed knowing we were homeward bound. We arrived at Amsterdam airport knowing we had a 4-hour wait – we chose a spot for dinner and made ourselves comfortable. Then the notification comes through – DELAYED, was this travel nightmare ever going to end?

A journey to remember

After an additional hour of waiting, several games of scrabble on an iPhone and a chocolate bar each we were finally boarding our plane! The next problem was how to get home from Gatwick instead of Southampton where we had parked our cars the day before. Luckily, Philip had offered to pick us up in the Land Rover to take us to Southampton. As we arrived at Gatwick around 12am, Philip was there waiting for us with wellies on as the snow was turning to sludge. The drive home was surprisingly snow free and simple – how we missed all the excitement in 24 hours was beyond us! Finally we arrived home to our beds around 3:30am – a busy day for travelling indeed!


As this was our first journey out of 3 we were sure our next two were going to be easier – or were they?

–  Lucy, Lettings Manager

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