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You’ve both said ‘yes’ to each other. You intend to spend the rest of your lives together. The date has been booked and you’ve found the perfect venue for your day, here on the Symondsbury Estate, West Dorset. That however, is the easy part.

Now all the logistics of planning the big day loom before you. This is where the dedicated, cheerful and unflappable team of Symondsbury Estate Weddings step in.

It is said that your wedding day can be one of the most stressful occasions of your life. Luckily the team are there to help and assist you along the way, to smooth out any little creases and give you the full benefit of their combined experience.

You may ask why choosing Symondsbury Estate is so extra special. It’s no good having a knock out location if behind the scenes the staff are not fully committed to ensuring your day is the best it can be.

Kirsten – Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Kirsten welcomes wedding couples clutching a very efficient looking folder. “In here” she explains “are all the up and coming wedding details all meticulously filed. I work closely with every couple to ensure their day runs smoothly, advising and making suggestions where needed. For example, if the couple are not local we have trusted suppliers, caterers and entertainment providers that we can recommend.”

Her next wedding takes place between Danny and James. They will both make their entrance through separate facing doors in the Tithe Barn accompanied by their mothers. With a license to hold your ceremony at the venue and ample accommodation available at the Estate it is an attractive choice. Another couple have arranged for an owl to fly into the barn with the rings, she admits to being relieved she is not responsible for the owl!  

One of her favourite moments however was when the bride and groom hired false silver servers. These were a group of actors from London who after meticulously serving the first course staged an ‘accident’ where they dropped all their plates. The guests looked on in horror until they all broke into a song and dance routine. She grins at the memory.

Having recently got married herself she can fully sympathise with the stresses that can accompany such an important day.  With her previous experience as wedding co-ordinator at River Cottage she relishes all the challenges that such a demanding and responsible position brings. 

Sarah – Wedding and Events Assistant

When prepping for a wedding, Sarah stays busy with her tasks as well as doing some terribly stylish wording on a wedding board. Her photography and video degree give her an eye for the all-important detail.

Once she had finished her degree in Bourneville she happily came back to Dorset where she started working for Symondsbury Estate.

Dealing with enquiries and overseeing the social media side she explained, “It’s so important to keep up to date with trends and to showcase the vast choice in ideas available on the internet.” Symondsbury Estate Weddings can be found on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook which Amy, Sarah and Kirsten all regularly update. 

Sarah is particularly proud of the bar area and firmly believes that it is an important aspect of the venue. “It should be well stocked with efficient bar staff. They don’t charge for corkage either which is an important consideration.” At Symondsbury they have a premium gin shelf with an expresso martini list planned. This iconic classic cocktail will be given a twist with many variations, bang up to date and on trend! 

Her enthusiasm for her job is down to the fact that every wedding is different, she absolutely loves seeing the way people interpret their dreams for their big day. “It’s sharing in their excitement and then seeing the joy on people’s faces when all the hard work comes to fruition.”

Amy – Deputy Operations Manager

Amy bounces into the office like a breath of fresh air and brimming with enthusiasm. Responsible for arranging weddings since the Tithe Barn was renovated, (in which she was involved) she has been with the team from the word go. “We try and keep away from the ‘package concept’ and ‘conveyer belt weddings’. We want people to experience the very highest level of customer service and feel that their wedding is unique, which is why we offer such flexibility.” Couples have use of the barn the day before so that their own individual style can be stamped on the already stunning bare bones of the venue. 

Previously in sales and events management Amy thrives on meeting people and seeing the whole concept successfully through. You may wonder whether there had been any disasters or awkward situations with which she had dealt with.  She was awoken by flashing torches in the garden. Pyjama clad she was confronted by two policemen and informed there was a ‘missing man’. As he was to be married the following weekend his poor fiancé was becoming mildly hysterical.  Amy pointed them in the direction of the vegetable garden and sure enough there he was perfectly attired and snoozing peacefully on the compost heap! Amy had successfully averted a potential disaster due to local knowledge. Just one of the many incidents that arise in the life of a Wedding Organizer.

She is particularly looking forward to her own brother’s wedding which is taking place at Symondsbury this September, the theme being ‘Peaky Blinders’. The bride to be is a tattoo artist who is designing her own dress which Amy says will be unique. Amy is making a semi naked wedding cake, perfect for casual, bohemian style weddings where anything goes apparently. Sounds like terrific fun to me… which is after all, what a celebration is all about.

Coming away from a chat with the wedding team at Symondsbury leaves you fully confident that between them all you would be in the best hands. They are ready and willing to deal with any requests whatever they may be and, most importantly, help you both realise and achieve your unique and unforgettable day. 

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