Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Seasoned firewood for sale from Symondsbury Estate’s sustainably managed ancient woodland.

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The Estate Office, Symondsbury Estate, Bridport DT6 6HG


Full load £135 (approx 2 cubic metres) ; Dumpy bag £65 (approx 0.8 cubic metres) ; Log nets £7 each (approx 10-12 logs) available from Symondsbury Store


We deliver every Thursday to homes and businesses within a 12 mile radius. 0-5 miles FREE ; 6-10 miles £10 ; 11-12 miles £20


Sustainably Managed Woodland

Our Woodland

The Estate has approximately 200 acres of diverse woodland habitat consisting of semi-ancient broadleaf, softwood plantations and traditional coppice. The woodlands are carefully looked after under a 10 year woodland management plan to ensure the long term health of the woodlands and its wildlife, whilst preserving the heritage of the local landscape.

Producing our firewood

Trees are carefully selected, harvested and transported to our wood yard where they are seasoned naturally in cords. Once seasoned, they are processed into conveniently sized (approximately 8”-10 inches) firewood logs and then barn stored ensuring its moisture content is ideal for optimum burning.

Our firewood is a mix of hardwood species, predominantly ash, oak, cherry and sycamore. Hardwood species produce a dense wood, so these need to be seasoned longer and will provide a slightly longer burn compared to softwood firewood.

Off cut softwood

We often mill softwood timber onsite to be used on the Estate. As part of this process, any ‘off cuts’ are converted into firewood which is occasionally available at a competitive price. Our softwood firewood is often a mix of Larch, Cedar, Scots Pine and Douglas fir. Softwood has a similar calorific value to hardwood, but being a less dense wood it will burn slightly more quickly, but just as hot as hardwood.

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