Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Seasoned firewood for sale from Symondsbury Estate’s sustainably managed ancient woodland.

We are currently not taking any orders for firewood.

Sustainably Managed Woodland

Prices from January 2020

1 Bulk Bag (Approx  0.7 cubic meters) £75 Can be delivered loose or in the bag.

Load (Approx 1.4 Cubic meters)  £140 The most economic way to buy your logs if you have storage space. These are delivered loose or in bags.

Our Woodland

Symondsbury Estate Firewood is the by-product from our Woodland Management operations. We responsibly manage our woodlands to ensure they are healthy, sustainable and encourage wildlife. We are well known for suppling local, sustainable firewood.

Producing our firewood

Our firewood is harvested and then transported to our wood yard where it’s processed and barn stored until it’s ready for delivery. We do not import wood from abroad or from huge distances to ensure we are true to our ethos and values*.

*We do work with other local woodland mangers who hold the same values and if needed can source wood to ensure we have a good  supply of sustainably sourced wood.


The quality of our firewood is hugely important to us. Our firewood is cut on average to 9” and of variable thickness. Our wood is ideal for wood burners, open fires and outdoor fire pits and ovens.

We check for a typical moisture content of 20%*, so our firewood burns cleanly and efficiently. Our firewood is a mix of hardwood species found on the estate including Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Sycamore and Hazel.

*Due to the varying tree species the moisture content may vary slightly above and below the typical 20%.


We are currently not taking any orders for firewood.

We deliver every Thursday to homes and businesses within a 12 mile radius of Symondsbury Estate. 0-5 miles FREE ; 6-10 miles £10 ; 11-12 miles £20

If we deliver in a Bulk bag, we do ask customers to return them, so they can be reused to cut down on waste.

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