Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Seasoned firewood for sale from Symondsbury Estate’s sustainably managed ancient woodland.

01308 424116

The Estate Office, Symondsbury Estate, Bridport DT6 6HG


Full load £135 (approx 2 cubic metres) ; Dumpy bag £65 (approx 0.8 cubic metres) ; Log nets £6 each (approx 10-12 logs) available from Home & Garden


We deliver every Thursday to homes and businesses within a 12 mile radius. 0-5 miles FREE ; 6-10 miles £10 ; 11-12 miles £20


Sustainably Managed Woodland

Our Woodland

Symondsbury Estate owns approximately 150 acres of ancient woodland made of mostly cherry trees. The woodlands are carefully looked after under a woodland management plan to ensure the protection of wildlife and preserving the heritage of the landscape, which allows a number of different species to thrive.

Producing our firewood

Timber is transported from the woodland to our wood yard where the wood is seasoned. This is produced into logs with careful examination of moisture content, and stacked again to finish seasoning ready for delivery.

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