Movable Feasts

The holidays are here at last and it’s time to escape and enjoy the great British summer with family and friends. Just stepping away from the usual routines and taking time to pause and be yourself is so important.  And one of the best things about being away is sharing time and food with those you love.

So why not give yourself a proper break and take advantage of the opportunity to have food or a meal prepared exclusively for you?  At Symondsbury Estate, we have numerous options you can enjoy, from having a dinner prepared for you that just needs popping in the oven, to providing a chef to cook a delicious meal in your holiday home.  Whether you choose a special meal to celebrate your arrival, a special occasion, as a last night send off, or just because you can – come and talk to us and we’ll happily help out.

Contact Lucy or call 01308 424116 for further information and let our chef do the work whilst you enjoy some well-earned time out. Bon appetite!

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