The Estate Trail

Our 8km trail takes you round the most historic and beautiful areas of our estate.

Explore on foot or bike...

Take it all in

Our 8km walking and bike trail takes you through the most scenic areas of the Estate.

Make your way past our beautiful holiday cottages, ride next to farmland and stroll through rolling countryside.

Climb up hills and speed down ancient lanes.


Begin the trail at Symondsbury Store for supplies and trail maps. Bridport Cycles offer bike hire if you would like to cycle the trail.

Why not round off your day out in the countryside and rest your feet at Symondsbury Kitchen at Manor Yard – welcome to muddy boots and mucky paws.

Using the trail

Depending on the weather, our trail can get muddy in places - bring a pair of wellies!

Look out for wildlife including deer, birds of prey and wild rabbits - they're spotted all over the estate!


Our trail is approximately 8km long and is uneven in some areas. You can walk or cycle on the trail at whatever pace you like.

Our estate trail is open 7 days a week and free to use.

Why not walk up Colmers Hill?

Colmers Hill is an iconic landmark made famous by the likes of local artists and photographers. The near-conical hill stands at roughly 417ft, towering above surrounding towns and villages.





Free parking at Manor Yard.