Seasons of Wellness


  • Symondsbury Estate


Autumn is a time of reflection, a time to come back to Mother Earth after the celebrations of the summer and say our thanks. On the Autumn Equinox, the day is the same length as the night, signifying balance.

We will take in the sights, sounds and scents of late summer becoming autumn as we discover the sunken paths and hollow ways of the Symondsbury Estate… 
Autumn Colours with Sam Adams – Local artist Sam Adams is giving a watercolour workshop with a difference at our first Seasons of Wellness day. Put aside any worries about not being creative enough and discover how to free your mind, loosen your hands and let the colours flow. We will be inspired by the nature to express ourselves freely and go a little bit wild with colour. 
A Season for Self-Care with Kate Adams – Kate is a writer and publisher for Aster: Books to Nourish & Inspire. Kate will offer lots of simple practices tailored to taking good care of ourselves during the autumn months, from aromatic salt baths to journaling and soup making. 
Movement and Meditation with Marcela Widrig – Marcela is a yoga teacher and bodyworker based in Bali, who hosts incredible workshops around the world. We are so lucky that Marcela is visiting the UK in time for our Autumn Equinox celebration and is holding a 2-hour movement workshop with the theme of connecting with the Earth and nature. No experience of yoga is needed for this workshop as it is based on intuitive movement – it really gets the energy flowing. Find out more about Marcela’s work at
Pause for Autumn with Danielle Marchant – Danielle Marchant is the bestselling author of Pause and Pause Every Day and has the ability to hold an amazing sense of space in which you are able to pause, breathe, reflect on how you are, what questions are arising in your life and how you would write the next sentence. Autumn is the perfect time for a little reflection as the high energy of the summer begins to calm. It’s a gentle enquiry with often very interesting answers. Find out more at
Lunch – Nicole Pisani is teaming up with the Symondsbury Kitchen to cook up an Autumn feast using local and seasonal ingredients. Nicole was head chef for the Ottolenghi restaurant NOPI in London and is now a school food pioneer. Nicole will be cooking fish and vegetarian dishes from her new book Salt Butter Bones. Look out for her this autumn on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Find out more about Nicole’s adventures in food

Programme includes:

10.30am: Welcome Secret Paths of Symondbury – a mindful walk with Julia Colfox

11am: Autumn Colours – watercolour workshop with artist Sam Adams (materials provided) – go wild with colour

Noon: A Season for Self-Care – introduction to a range of simple self-care practices for better sleep, more energy and less stress

12.45pm: Lunch by chef and cookbook author Nicole Pisani – once head chef of the Ottolenghi restaurant NOPI, now school food pioneer and author of the stunning new cookbook Salt Butter Bones, experience Nicole’s passion for flavour and local produce

White towels with white flowers for wellness

2pm: The Language of Trees: movement and meditation with Marcela Widrig

4pm: Pause for Autumn with author Danielle Marchant – taking time with the change of seasons to check in with yourself, breathe and begin the next chapter

5.30pm: Autumn Equinox Ceremony

With art, wellness gifts and books available to read at leisure throughout the day.

Tickets are £45 per person for the whole day, including lunch (with vegetarian options). You are welcome to attend all or a selection of the talks, walks and workshops.

Seasons of Wellness is a seasonal event ran by Kate Adams, a writer who aims to publish books that nourish and inspire. Read more at: