The Estate Vegetable Garden

The Estate vegetable garden is the connection between our land, our guests and our visitors and keeps us all in touch with the seasons.


Throughout most of the year we grow fruit, vegetables, salad, herbs and edible flowers both for Symondsbury Kitchen and our home made produce.

Home grown

Every morning, vegetables and herbs are picked for Symondsbury Kitchen. The home-grown produce is integral to our kitchen. Our hard working gardeners and chefs work together in order to give our guests delicious dishes that are full of flavour whilst remaining chemical-free.

Our carefully chosen menu at Symondsbury Kitchen uses seasonal ingredients from the garden so nothing goes to waste. We grow produce all year round, working carefully with the land, seasons and chefs to ensure that the wide variety of crops are planted at the correct time of the year to ensure their success.

Out of season, fruits and vegetables are used in Symondsbury Produce's jams, chutneys and marmalades - which are available to buy all year round.

Our gardeners use biological controls in order to remain a chemical-free garden. Environmentally friendly forces tackle potential pests from eating produce and destroying the garden.

On a road to organic living, the gardeners are excited for new changes at the estate, including a newly planted orchard hosting an array of apple varieties.

New vegetables are always being tried out and planted for future dishes at Symondsbury Kitchen.

Symondsbury Estate’s garden is here to provide fresh, local ingredients that connect our visitors with the land.



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